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Buying a new pair of glasses

When buying a new pair of spectacles, many people make the mistake of not spending enough time considering their options.  These include variations of lenses, frame materials and quality, design specifications as well as coatings. It is also vital to consider all lifestyle factors when choosing prescription lenses for your spectacles – whether you need single vision lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism, progressive lenses to correct vision at all distances, free-form/digital progressive lenses for digital eye-strain or impact resistant lenses when playing sports.


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Spectacle lenses must be selected carefully and patients must make sure that they are buying first grade lenses.  Discomfort in the eyes can be caused by mass produced second and third grade lenses that is not a proper fit for your eyes.  First grade lenses are generally associated with high quality brands such as SEIKO Optical.

Visit your nearest Dynamic Vision Optometrist for advice

Make sure to visit your Dynamic Vision Optometrist who can provide you with detailed information about the correct lenses as well as a frame that will suit your lifestyle.  The Optometrist should spend time finding out the following essential facts before making any decisions.

  • Detailed lifestyle requirements – the conditions in which the spectacles will be used, professionally and privately
  • Any medical conditions that may have an effect on eye care and sight
  • Any preferences regarding your spectacles from previous experiences
  • Appropriate lens coatings to keep in mind

Unsuitable lenses and frames not only damage eyesight in the long run, but can also have a negative effect on lifestyle factors such as driving, reading, exercising and working. It is important for all of us to go for a yearly eye exam at a qualified Optometrist and to make sure to get advice on all lenses options available.  An example of patients not buying the correct lenses is when they buy ready made reading glasses over the counter without going for an eye exam.

Single-vision or reading lenses

Many people only need correction for one field of vision – such as distance, intermediate, or near vision for items that are close by.  In this case a single vision lens will be prescribed, where the optical focal point is the same over the entire area of the lens.

Progressive lenses to correct vision at all distances

In a modern world where many lifestyle factors need to be considered when buying eyeglasses, lens suppliers have responded by providing greater choice. And, the good news is that with progressive lenses, Optometrists can now offer you the option of having an all-in-one pair of spectacles for focusing at all distances.

With progressive lenses, you can now have a smooth transition from distance vision to intermediate as well as near vision without having to worry about all the in-between corrections.  The latest designs of progressive lenses are digitally optimised and designed around your prescription, frame size, shape and position on your face which improves panoramic vision, image stability and visual clarity.

Free-from/digital progressive lenses for digital eye-strain

Digital eye strain is caused by spending many hours in front of digital screens and experiencing physical distress while doing so. Digital eye strain is related to the nearby to mid-range distance of digital screens, such as laptop computers, tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Listed here, see a few factors that can cause digital eye strain:

  • Proximity to a screen (laptop, tablet, phone or TV)
  • Frequency and duration of use of digital equipment
  • Degree of exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) or blue light reflected by video screens

Impact resistant lenses when playing sports

For individuals who enjoy playing sport, you have the option to choose impact resistant lenses that are safer while still providing excellent optical performance.  These lenses provide 100% protection from UV rays and are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses.  They are also extremely light-weight, resulting in minimal interference with your exercise of choice.

Eye protection should be on top of your priority list when playing sports. An unprotected eye can be injured in many ways and can lead to long-term ocular complications if not treated correctly.

We recommend visiting your nearest Dynamic Vision Optometrist to get advice on suitable eyewear when playing sports.

Benefits of wearing the correct lenses that fit your lifestyle

  • You will see more clearly
  • Performance in different lifestyle areas will be easier
  • Protect your eyes in the long run
  • Appropriate special features will relieve eye-stress (such as lens coatings, tinting etc.)
  • The correct fit will provide safety
  • Easing eye strain
  • Experiencing the most natural vision correction

We have a large range of spectacles and sunglasses to choose from, come in to our stoore and let one of our qualified staff members help you select the perfect frame for your lifestyle.

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