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Big and bold is beautiful – Eyewear trends 2022

If anything is an indicator of the world’s desire to come out of hiding and take the reins again, it’s this year’s eyewear trends. Big, bold and upbeat characterise this year’s cast of spectacles and sunglasses. One thing you should know is that everyone should have at least one pair of statement eyeglasses in 2022. It is your turn. Be bold. Glasses are highly personal accessories that offer a glimpse into your personality and style. Whether you wear glasses all the time or only when you’re out and about, you can rejuvenate your look and tell the world what you’re made from with updated frames.

Here’s what’s trending this season


Oversized frames

Oversized sunglasses and spectacles have been at the forefront of eyewear trends for the last two years, and they still are in 2022. What we are seeing this year is oversized frames going to the next level, with thicker and bolder designs covering half the face.

Oversized square styles are on trend, especially for women. Wear them as a fashion statement and an expression of style. An added benefit is that larger frames and lenses also mean better protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Remember though, like all eyewear, glasses with oversized frames should be sized to fit your face.


Sixties nostalgia

In 2021, seventies’ nostalgia influenced eyewear designs. This year, we go further back in time to the optimistic and rebellious sixties era, with bright retro colours, oval and cat-eye shaped frames, horn rims and orange lenses adding retro flair to everyday looks.

Cat-eye remains a rage and there are almost limitless takes on this style, with narrow angular and smaller cat-eye styles in an array of colours also part of this year’s cast. If you love tortoiseshell and cat-eye, this is your chance to combine the two.


Avant-Garde and geometric shapes

The burgeoning selection of avant-garde glasses in novelty shapes and styles makes it easy to be different if your dare. Anything expressive goes, from retro pink frames to heart-shaped lenses to give you a flamboyant and party-ready look.

Geometric frames retain their place in this year’s repertoire but in keeping with 2022’s big and bold stance, you’ll find more shapes, thicker frames, and more futuristic designs from which to choose. Make sure you consider your face shape when choosing geometric and avant-garde styles.

Prints, colour and sheer

Summery colours and vivacious prints make their way into this season’s cast of frames. You’ll also discover more frames dotted with pearls, studs and crystal for 2022 dazzle. Not to be upstaged, transparent frames are still very much a constant. If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, a pair of clear-framed glasses is a good choice.

Advanced aviators

Created for practical reasons way back in the 1930s, aviator glasses remain the top style for men today. A fashion classic, it seems nobody can get enough of aviators. This year, the aviators’ cool factor is amplified with tinted lenses and a wide choice of slick metallic or bold acetate frames. Any twist on the classic aviator shape goes in 2022, with sharper angles in metal, sportier plastic or combo versions in the line-up.

They work well for men with any face shape or size, and they feature smart technology to make them both protective and practical.


Sporty wrap arounds

Athletic aesthetics make a comeback, with sporty, wrap around-inspired styles back in fashion for men. The selection of colours in frames and tinted lenses is more playful and wider than ever. Certainly, tints are in fashion, but they are about more than just great looks. There is science behind tinted lenses.

Certain colours heighten contrasts while other tints provide better visibility in low light. For instance, dark turquoise enhances contrast in intense light without distortion, and yellow lenses optimise object definition. Choose your tint to improve your vision and performance in your lifestyle pursuits.

Our advice

Experimenting with new frames and styles is tremendous fun, especially with the overwhelming choice available. Just keep the basics in mind when picking your pair:

  • Your face shape
  • Your skin tone
  • Your personality
  • Your lifestyle

Talk to your optometrist for expert and objective advice.

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